Transformer Blows Up at Russian Hydroelectric Dam

Towns downstream of the station’s dam were said not to be at risk

BBC News reports that an oil-filled transformer exploded at the Sayano-Shushenskaya power plant in Siberia, bringing down the ceiling of the turbine hall, which then flooded.

RusHydro, the operator of the power station, said the damage would run into “billions of roubles” and would take several months to repair. the accident has created a large oil slick that is now floating down the Yenisei river, which flows north through Siberia to the Arctic. Mr Shoigu said repairs would be difficult and take some time. “We’re probably talking about years rather than months to restore three of the 10 turbines,” he told state television.

76 people were likely killed. The owners of the Sayano-Shushenskaya power plant in Siberia say it is unlikely any survivors will be found.

Deaths per Terawatt Hour from all energy sources

Just because an energy source causes deaths does not mean we should not build it. Poverty and lack of energy also kills and depowering civilization at this point would kill a lot more, because we are dependent as a civilization on the energy.

We have to look at all the aspects of what we can build and what we could build and make choices that do not ignore the downsides and benefits for all energy sources. Hydro dams can also contribute to global warming.

Cost wise hydro dams are good.

Hydro, Nuclear, Wind, solar, geothermal are all still better than coal, oil and natural gas. Natural gas is better than coal and oil. Oil is better than coal (pollution and death wise. Although wars over oil can change the comparison).