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chinaChina leads in top 500 supercomputers with 202 versus the US with 143

China has overtaking the US in the total number of ranked supercomputer systems in the top 500 by a margin of 202 to 143. It is the largest number of supercomputers China has ever claimed on the TOP500 ranking, with …

carsNvidia AI and multi-petaOps chips for class 5 automated cars within 4 years

Nvidia Corp chief executive Jensen Huang said on Thursday artificial intelligence would enable fully automated cars within 4 years, but sought to tamp down expectations for a surge in demand for its chips from cryptocurrency miners. “It will take no …

futureNew type of supercomputer could be based on ‘magic dust’ combination of light and matter

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A team of researchers from the UK and Russia have successfully demonstrated that a type of ‘magic dust’ which combines light and matter can be used to solve complex problems and could eventually surpass the capabilities of even the most …

computerFloating Point 16 bit will be at 2-3 exaflop supercomputers in 2018

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Double precision exaflop/second has been the traditional definition of general purpose exaflop supercomputer. There are domain-specific machines and even the American DoE Summit and Sierra supercomputers where it can be different. These two machines, because of the NVIDIA Volta, will …

computerTechnical pictures and info on 95 petaflop supercomputer

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Satoshi Matsuoka‏ tweeted out details of a technical presentation on upgrades to the second most powerful supercomputer in the world, Tianhe-2A (improved from 56 petaflops to 95 petaflops).

computerWorld number two supercomputer will have doubled power to 95 petaflops

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China is upgrading its number two supercomputer with new Chinese-made Matrix-2000 GPDSP accelerators. They will replace the existing Intel Knights Corner Xeon Phi coprocessors that were installed in the Tianhe-2 back in 2013. The upgraded supercomputer will be called the …

supercomputer200 Petaflop US supercomputer is nearing completion

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The Summit supercomputer nearing completion at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. Summit should be operational in early 2018. Summit will be five to 10 times more powerful than its predecessor, Oak Ridge’s Titan supercomputer, which will continue running …

exaflopAMD reveals PetaFLOP supercomputer in a single rack

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Yesterday, AMD revealed the Project 47 supercomputer was powered by 20 AMD EPYC 7601 processors and 80 Radeon Instinct GPUs. It is a petaFLOP supercomputer in a rack. Other hardware included 10TB of Samsung memory and 20 Mellanox 100G cards …

computersSuperconducting spintronics may be about to transform high performance computing

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Cambridge researchers have shown that energy-efficient superconductors can power super energy efficient spintronics devices. What once seemed an impossible marriage of superconductivity and spin may be about to transform high performance computing. In 2016, IBM found that humans now create …

chinaUpdate on the race to the Exaflop supercomputer

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Six leading US technology companies will receive $258 million in funding from the Department of Energy’s Exascale Computing Project (ECP) as part of its new PathForward program. This money is to accelerate the research necessary to deploy the nation’s first …