Super High Mileage Cars and Electric Vehicles

The Chevy Volt officially goes on sale in December, though pre-orders began this summer. Initially they’re only available in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Texas, Washington, D.C., and Michigan.

The Volt range extending generator runs on gas and GM is hitting hard on that feature to help lure customers from Nissan’s new Leaf vehicles which will go on sale around the same time — plug-in onlys advertised to get 100 miles per charge giving the Nissan Leaf an EPA rating of 99 miles per gallon equivalency. Volts will get more than 300 miles on a charge and full tank of gas, getting a rating of 60 miles per gallon combined. As a comparison, Toyota Prius hybrids — which are gas only — are rated around 50 miles per gallon. The prices of all three before applicable tax credits — the Volt; $41,000; the Leaf about $34,000; the Prius about $22,000.

The Fisker Karma is a four passenger plug-in hybrid car that costs $87000 and will be available in 2011

A Plug In Toyota Prius is expected that will boost mileage from 50 mpg to about 75 MPGe

The Honda Fit EV is scheduled to go on sale in the U.S. in 2012. The Fit EV will achieve an estimated 100 miles driving range per charge using the US EPA LA4 City cycle (70 miles when applying EPA’s adjustment factor), well more than the average number of miles driven daily by most commuter. This advanced electric vehicle is designed to meet the daily driving needs of an average commuter, utilizing the same 5-passenger layout found in the popular Fit hatchback. The Fit EV Concept is propelled by a high-density motor derived from the FCX Clarity fuel cell electric vehicle and features a 3-mode drive system adapted from the CR-Z sport hybrid

Volvo’s S40 1.6D DRIVe S sedan get 72.4 mpg according to UK mileage tests. The U.K. test cycle typically returns 15 percent to 20 percent more favorable fuel-economy ratings than the U.S. cycle. US mileage would be 58-62 mpg here if the 1.6-liter engine were brought over with no tuning change. The actual figure is probably close to 52-55 mpg with all the U.S.-specific stuff that would have to be done to it.

Volkswagen Diesel Passat BlueMotion Hits Almost 75 MPG

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