Heartland Robotics still promising to revolutionize manufacturing gets $20 million in more funding

Heartland Robotics has raised $20 million in funding

Heartland Robotics was founded in 2008 by iRobot co-Founder and former Director of MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Rodney Brooks, with the goal of introducing a new generation of robots to improve productivity in manufacturing environments. “Our robots will be intuitive to use, intelligent and highly flexible. They’ll be easy to buy, train, and deploy and will be unbelievably inexpensive. Heartland Robotics will change the definition of how and where robots can be used, dramatically expanding the robot marketplace,” explained Dr. Brooks.

Paul Maeder, General Partner at Highland Capital Partners, said “Heartland’s vision for improving the competitiveness of American manufacturing through innovative robotic technology is compelling for manufacturers and important for America.

Brooks has spoke of how a world dominated by the Wal-Mart style of business (which he says relies heavily on cheap Chinese labor) might assimilate new types of robotics into the workforce and eliminate the need to outsource. Brooks was the key technical innovator behind the Roomba

Heartland Robotics is believed to be making robots that are more dexterous and have better vision recognition than the Obero robot while also making them much more cheap and reliable

Over 5 million Roomba (robotic vacuum cleaners) have been sold.

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