OECD electricity usage from Jan to Sep 2010

The OECD/IEA electricity report from January to September 2010

Estimated US nuclear fleet capacity increased to 95 percent last week (Dec 6-10, 2010)

January to November 2010, China has generated 66.9 billion kWh of nuclear power China generated 65.7 billion kWh of nuclear in all of 2009. China should generate about 6.7 TWH in December. China should have 7.8-8 TWH more nuclear generation in 2010.

Russia, India, and the Ukraine are ahead of 2009 in terms of nuclear energy generation.

Ukraine nuclear power plants generated 80.662 billion kWh of electricity in the January to November, 2010 period (7.2% more year-on-year). The Ukraine generated 84.3 TWH in 2008 and 77.8 TWH in 2009. The Ukraine should generate about 88 billion kWh of nuclear power in 2010.

World nuclear generation for 2010 appears likely to be trending to 80 tWh more than in 2009 (2558 tWh) which would put it at about 2640 tWh.

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