Saudi Arabia and OPEC should lower oil prices to reduce political unrest in the middle east

Saudi Arabia and other OPEC nations should lower oil prices to reduce political unrest. The reason is that high oil prices are increasing the price for food and inflation and high costs of basic items is one of the driving forces behind the political unrest that threatens Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia and the OPEC nations are facing more unrest partially because of inflation and high food prices. If OPEC increased oil production then oil prices would go down and fertilizer ad other input on food prices.

Wall Street Journal – For Saudi Arabia, the departure of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak represents a diplomatic setback that could complicate its foreign policy across the Middle East, with repercussions stretching from Iraq to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Domestically, however, the kingdom appears largely insulated from the upheavals that have toppled regimes in Tunis and now Cairo. Though Saudi Arabia has seen small demonstrations, its ruling elite has headed off potential instability with carrots—including cash for poor families—and sticks waved sternly in protesters’ direction.

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