Andrea Rossi starting a one year study of Nickel-Hydrogen Cold Fusion technology at the University of Bologna and possible replication in the United States

Pure Energy Systems News – Other researchers are interested in the Nickel-Hydrogen Cold Fusion technology, new calorimeter tests are forthcoming, media announcements are on the way, and a year long testing program at the University of Bologna has started. With a demonstration of the one megawatt system in the USA in the works (before it is shipped to Europe) and the opening of the one megawatt plant in Greece by late October, 2011.

Andrea Rossi stated –

We are now making a R&D work with the University of Bologna. It will last one year, during which we will make throughly tests. The resulta will be published at the end of the research. In the meantime we will start up our plant of 1 MW we have to deliver to our Customer in Greece. After that, our product will be in the market.

The most recent publicized test of his technology produced a minimum of 15 kilowatts of continual thermal output for 18 hours with only an average of 80 watts of input (sometimes as low as twenty). Dr. Levi who was one of the independent scientists who witnessed this experiment is planning to report on upcoming experiment

Possible Replication

Abd ul-Rahman Lomax stated – I have known that it is Ni-H cold fusion for a year, and people in Italy have known for 2 years. Groups there and in the U.S. are working somewhat frantically to determine what the other 2 elements are. One of them told me that they have achieved the equivalent of 800 Watts per liter of powder (with a smaller actual volume), which is not far from what Rossi reported.

David Kidwell told me that if they could have the Rossi device in their 10 kW-scale testbed at the NRL, they could conclude within an hour that it is real, and they would not have to know the first thing about what is inside it.

A Demonstration in the USA

In the past Andrea Rossi has stated that there would be no additional public demos until the one megawatt plant opened in Greece. However, this may no longer be the plan. Jed Rothwell who runs the LENR-CANR website (which is an online database of cold fusion information) and is a long time and well trusted cold fusion researcher has reported the following news: “Rossi told me he will demonstrate the device before shipping it to Greece.”

If a demonstration is held in the USA it will probably be in Florida, because the 125 modules that will compose the 1MW plant are being manufactured in Miami, Florida. Rossi also has a factory and lab in New Hampshire, but it would not make sense to ship all 125 units twice (if the demonstration in the USA would be of the complete 1MW system).

In addition to being exciting, a demonstration could potentially create a very interesting situation that could be a win-win for Rossi. A demonstration of a 1MW system would be very impressive and difficult to deny as being something extraordinary. However, there has been speculation that it might be very difficult for him to get approval to use his reactors in the USA due to safety concerns. What if the Nuclear Regulatory Commission or another agency tried to come in and stop the demo? That could be a win for Rossi, because they would have to admit they were concerned about the exotic nature of his technology. If the NRC stepped in they would be forced to admit that the E-Cat is indeed a NUCLEAR and NON-CHEMICAL technology! Otherwise, they would have no jurisdiction. The NRC has no power to regulate performing tests of chemical reactions involving nickel and hydrogen. Any interference could equal instant validation!

Edmund Storms seems to fully convinced

Cold Fusion now – Edmund Storms on the Rossi device: “There will be a stampede.”

Rossi was using a nickel catalyst to explore ways of making a fuel by combining hydrogen and carbon monoxide and apparently, observed quite by accident, that his [apparatus] was making extra energy. So then he explored it from that point of view and, apparently, over a year or two, amplified the effect.

He’s exploring the gas loading area of the field. This is also a region, a method used in the heavy water, or the heavy hydrogen, system. But in this case, it was light hydrogen, ordinary hydrogen and nickel and what happens is quite amazing.

You create the right conditions in the nickel, and he has a secret method for doing that, and all you do is add hydrogen to it and it makes huge amounts of energy based upon a nuclear reaction.”

So far, they have not gotten a patent, and that’s always been difficult in the cold fusion field because the patent examiners simply don’t believe that it’s real.

So, until they get a patent, they’re not revealing how they do it. Now, they’ve been upfront about what they can do and what they promise to do, and so far, they’ve fulfilled these promises. Once they get their patent, then they promise to reveal how they go about doing this.”

Well it was called cold fusion by Steve Jones, and that stuck. And then later people said, you know, that’s not very accurate because you get transmutations, and it may not be fusion directly, so let’s make it describe a bigger area, so we’ll call it low-energy nuclear reactions [LENR]. I like the chemically-assisted nuclear reactions [CANR] description myself, but nevertheless, it’s all the same thing. It’s hard to believe that nature has only one technique for doing something so extraordinary.”

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