Steven B. Krivit of New Energy Times has a Preliminary Report on the Rossi Energy Catalyzer

Steven B Krivit of New Energy Times blog is visiting Italy to investigate the Rossi and Focardi Energy Catalyzer.

The primary validity of the E-Cat trio’s dramatic energy claim is highly contingent on and derived from the heat output which they calculate indirectly from a claimed full or near-full vaporization of 100-degree water to steam. Complete vaporization of 100-degree water into steam requires the complete absence of suspended water droplets in steam.

Steve discussed the crucial difference in steam enthalpy calculations by mass versus by volume with Levi on Wednesday afternoon. Based on his initial response, he could not be sure if he had previously understood the potential impact.

Steve showed them calculations which displayed one to two orders of magnitude less enthalpy if the measurements had been made volumetrically. He was assured that the measurements had been measured by mass.

Rossi blasts Steve Krivit and the report

Mr Krivit has understood nothing of what he saw, from what I have read in his ridiculous report.

We made the measurement of the water in weight and we explained this to Krivit.

The entire uncertainty about vaporization enthalpy would be moot if the experiments were run with a higher flow rate to keep the output temperature below boiling. Levi apparently did this on Feb. 10-11 and he provided information about his final results to reporter Mats Lewan of Ny Teknik.

Levi has not however, provided Lewan, or anybody for that matter, any information about his data. On Wednesday, I asked Levi for this data, for the second time. This time, he agreed. Levi promised to send me either raw or formatted data from the Feb. 10-11 experiment by next Wednesday.

Steve will be producing a full report which will include a detailed assessment of their methodology, and, as much as they will provide, their data.

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