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asiaWill North Korea Dismantle Nuclear Weapons Production and Stabilize with South Korea?

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In a New Year’s Day speech, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un made an offer toward denuclearization. Kim indicated that North Korea wants a deal and is interested in another summit. Kim would put nuclear production capability as part of negotiations. …

canadaUkraine Helping South Korea, China and Canada With Rockets or Jets or Both

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South Korea successfully launched a locally developed 75-ton space rocket engine which is comparable to a SpaceX Falcon 1. The orbital rocket KSLV-II (Korea Satellite Launch Vehicle) is also known as Nuri. The rocket is 25.8 meters tall and has …

chinaOver 55% of US trade now has new deals

Below are the top 15 trading partner countries based upon exports from the USA in 2017. There have been new trade deals concluded (although the US-Canada-Mexico deal needs to be ratified and passed) Canada, Mexico, Europe, and South Korea. Canada …

computer memoryDemand for computer memory is surging and DRAM will pass $100 billion this year

The DRAM market will grow about 39% this year and surpass $100 billion. It will become the first category of semiconductor to hit that milestone. Samsung is the leading DRAM supplier and Hynix is number two.

bitcoinSouth Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Upbit passes external audit and is solvent

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Yujin Accounting Corporation has verified two trees at South Korean Cryptocurrency exchange Upbit. In May, South Korea’s Financial Services Commission (FSC), along with the Korea Financial Intelligence Unit (KFIU), seized hardware and documents from UPbit to evaluate claims from unknown …

artificial intelligenceSamsung plans AI research centers in Canada, UK and Russia adding to US and Korea now

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Samsung plans to establish three artificial intelligence (AI) Centers in Cambridge, the U.K. (May 22nd), Toronto, Canada (May 24th) and Moscow, Russia (May 29th) to strengthen the company’s AI capabilities and explore the potential of user-centric AI. Samsung Research also …

futureSouth Korea will have wide availability of 10 Gbps internet by the end of this year

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South Korea’s SK Broadband announced the launch of its new 2.5Gbps (gigabit per second) high-speed internet service. the Giga Premium service is three times faster than the already fast South Korea internet services. Existing customers who sign up for the …

koreaSouth Korea thinks a peace agreement is North Korea is near

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South Korea sees a path to a peace agreement with North Korea and an end to the over 65 years old state of war with North Korea. The Korean War never officially ended. Hostilities were suspended for all of these …

armyAsia and the world loading up on more tanks and armored vehicles

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Asian spending on armored vehicles (tanks and armored personnel carriers) during the next decade is likely to reach USD166 billion. China, India, and South Korea are among the world’s top 10 spenders on military vehicles and are likely to contribute …

foodNorth Korea dangles denuclearization to try to get payoffs

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Envoys from Seoul said that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un told them he was ready to suspend weapons tests and hold candid talks with the U.S. to normalize relations, if the safety of his regime was guaranteed, the South Korean …