Eric Drexler will have a new book in 2012 called Radical Abundance

Radical Abundance will integrate and extend several themes that Eric Drexler touched on in his Metamodern blog The book has a wide scope in both its content and intended audience, addressing scientists, a general reading audience, and thought leaders in the policy arena.

The topics include:

* The nature of science and engineering, and the prospects for a deep transformation in the material basis of civilization.
* Why all of this is surprisingly understandable.
* A personal narrative of the emergence of the molecular nanotechnology concept and the turbulent history of progress and politics that followed
* The quiet rise of macromolecular nanotechnologies, their power, and the rapidly advancing state of the art
* Incremental paths toward advanced nanotechnologies, the inherent accelerators, and the institutional challenges
* The technologies of radical abundance, what they are, and what they will enable

* Disruptive solutions for problems of economic development, energy, resource depletion, and the environment
* Potential pitfalls in competitive national strategies; shared interests in risk reduction and cooperative transition management
* Steps toward changing the conversation about the future

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