Singularity University Startup Videos of Presentations

Matternet will use UAVs to provide point to point for half the price of current systems.

6 cents per kilometer per kilogram.
In Africa dirt roads can be washed out 6 months out of the air.
It will help leapfrog over the lack of infrastructure for 1.4 billion people.

Ignisolar is a company that harnesses the power of the sun to empower households and businesses in the developing world. They build electricity generation systems based on concentrated photovoltaics that are affordable, easy to assemble and compact unlike traditional solar solutions. Our technology provides cost-effective off-grid power capable of running vital appliances such as LED lights, cellphone chargers, televisions, and water pumps. Affordability and versatility are key features of our product, thereby allowing us to potentially impact the three billion people without reliable access to grid electricity.

Our Product the Concentrated Photovoltaic Solar panel is designed for affordability. The Concentrated Photovoltaic Solar panel is flexible, has reflective fabric,requires no tracking and had passive cooling – Peak output 50-100 watts per square meter for lighting time one day – 0.5 KWH a day -Batteries. The technology reduces expensive cell area by a factor of 10, replaces expensive heavy mirrors with reflective fabric, and minimizes extra features to make a cost effective product.

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