China loaded fuel for what will be its 15th operating nuclear reactor

1. The process of loading fuel into the fourth reactor of the second phase of development at the Qinshan nuclear power plant in China’s Zhejiang province has been completed. China National Nuclear Corporation announced that, following an operation lasting 45 consecutive hours, the final fuel assembly was loaded into the CNP-600 design pressurized water reactor (PWR) at 5.42am on 23 October. The next stage in the unit’s commissioning will be for it to achieve first criticality – a self-sustaining nuclear fission chain reaction. The 610 MWe reactor is expected to begin commercial operation in 2012, when it is set to become China’s 15th operating power.

2. Construction of the first EPR unit at the Taishan nuclear power plant in China’s Guangdong province has reached a major milestone with the dome of the reactor building being lowered into place. First concrete was poured in October 2009, and unit 1 should begin operating in 2013, with unit 2 in 2014. The construction of two further EPRs at Taishan is expected to begin by 2015. They each will generate 1700 MWe.

3. The Russians are loading fuel into Kalinin 4 Kalinin 4 is a V-320 model VVER-100. First power is expected Nov, 2011.

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