China cleared to buy worlds fourth largest uranium deposit and China will speed up revision of nuclear power development

1. Namibia’s competition commission said on Wednesday it had cleared a Chinese nuclear company to take over an Australian mining firm with rights to the world’s fourth-largest uranium deposit.

The go-ahead would allow Taurus Mineral, a subsidiary of state-owned China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Company (CGNPC), to buy a controlling share in Australia-based Extract Resources, which holds exploration licenses for the massive Husab uranium deposit in west-central Namibia.

2. China Daily – China Huaneng Group said on Wednesday that it will strive to get its proposed Shidaowan nuclear plant included on the national planning list this year as it continues site selection for other new nuclear facilities.

Huaneng said it would select sites for new nuclear stations in Fujian and Liaoning provinces this year.

The National Energy Administration (NEA) said on Tuesday that China will develop nuclear power in a highly efficient and safe way and actively encourage hydropower projects during the 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-15), as it seeks to adjust its energy structure.

Liu Tienan, head of NEA, said that China would approve nuclear safety regulations more quickly and speed up revisions of its medium- and long-term plans for nuclear power development.

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