The Next Big Things in Tech according to CIO

CIO publishes the PC world predictions for the next big thing in tech. The list is ok, but several will take many years to have impact.

* Smartphones Will Replace Desktops. Tablets, smartphones and ultrabooks are crushing the traditional desktop computers
* Battery technology announced in September by the National University of Singapore reportedly will hold 20 times the charge of a traditional lithium ion battery and be ten times cheaper This will take many years to commercialize and scale up.
* Augmented reality – mostly found in smartphone apps, as a convenient way to display info for user, but could come to car windshields and windows in homes eventually
* Health Tech – there are eight different health tech companies on the 2011 Wall Street Journal list of the top 50 venture funded companies.

* Flexible OLED Screens. Samsung plans to sell a smartphone with a flexible OLED screen in 2012 and there has been a demo of a 55 inch OLED TV screen

* Living room tech after Xbox, Roku and other devices. Apple TV and other new devices

* Speech Recognition/Interface. Upgrades to Siri and Google’s speech recognition systems

* 3D Printing

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