Riptide Amphibious light tank

With guidance from the Navy (SF) and Army (Picatinnay Arsenal ARDEC) Howe and Howe Technologies have developed an amphibious version of the highly acclaimed UGV Ripsaw platform apply name ‘Riptide’. Possessing 90% of Ripsaw’s terrestrial capability coupled with the newly added high speed marine capability, Riptide will become a valuable tool in any arsenal and push the future of UGVoperations

Height:              66 in.
Length:             168 in.
Width:              102 in.
Weight:           8,000 LBS.
Top Speed:           65 mph
Top Speed Water:  15-25 knots
Suspension:          16 in. Travel
Ground Clearance:    20 in.
Propulsion (Land): Tracked 6.6 Duramax Allison 1000
Propulsion (Water): Dual 251 Ultra Dynamics Jet Drives and Tracks
Full Hull Displacement: 14,000 lbs.
Operation:        Two man and Fully Unmanned
Weapon System:   Picatinny Light Weight RWS
Hull:            6061 Aluminum
Power Transmission: Howe and Howe Technologies Proprietary Clutch System
Controls:           Drive by Wire PLC
Payload:           2000 lbs.
Escape Hatches: 1 bottom, 1 top
Viewing Ports: 0.5" Poly Carbonate
Armor: Howe and Howe Proprietary level 4 on vehicle vitals
Intended Mission: Manned and Unmanned harbor patrol and protection, high speed amphibious assault and operations.

NRV-I /SRV-I or Nuclear Response Vehicle /Subterranean Rescue Vehicle I

NRV-I /SRV-I or Nuclear Response Vehicle /Subterranean Rescue Vehicle I is the world’s first mid-size UGV designed specifically to operate in extreme subterranean environments and other hazardous situations. Extremely modular in design, NRV-I/SRV-I can be modified to carryout many different jobs where the environment may be deemed too hazardous for direct human contact. At only 32 inches wide and possessing a draw bar pulling capacity of 1,300Ibs, SRV-I is capable of not only fitting into tight places but also pulling a downed human to safety. Whether it is in a mine shaft, nuclear power plant or on the battle Field, NRV-I/SRV-I can be set up to include; a Fire Suppression System, a Robotic Arm, a PTZ Flir vision system, HD Optics, and even an RWS

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