Liveblogging – Patrick Cox on revolutionary near term advances in anti aging

Patrick Cox that 2012 will be a big year in anti aging. He is the editor of Breakthrough Technology Alert.

Patrick Cox is actually trained as an economist (austrian economist).

Longevity advances have been a key factor driving improved economies and economic growth.

He talks about bioinformatics as a big breakthrough. Biotime gene chips.

A lot of rambling that has nothing to do with anything but saying science and trade is great.

He has pictures of cats now. Amazing. Insane, deranged talk.

The heart of it.

anatabine has effectiveness an as anti-inflammatory is selling it

he is taking 12-16 pills per day, one every 3 hours

Fred couples reduced 6.5 CRP inflammation down to 0.8

He is talking about emerging work that will impact longevity
DNA plasmid
GHRH gene therapy (Growth hormone releasing hormone)

Three kinds of immortal stem cells

Para.. (retinal cells are examples)
induced pluripotent stem cells
one other stem cell type

SP 100 gene
recyte therapeutics believe they have a success to fix age related heart disease

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