Beryllium Copper and Beryllium Aluminum

Beryllium Aluminum is more than three times stiffer than aluminum with 22% less weight and can be precision-cast to simple and complex configurations. This material is very lightweight with a high modulus of elasticity and can be precision cast for three-dimensional stability. The alloy is ideally suited for certain demanding semiconductor manufacturing equipment, computer components and other commercial and aerospace applications and allows for a near-net shape to be cast for maximum manufacturing efficiencies.

Beryllium Copper mold materials have hardness properties comparable to tool steels, but with superior thermal conductivity.

There is a four page document about how beryllium copper can be used for aerospace applications

Wear is moved from expensive (Titanium) parts and assemblies to easily replaceable,
lower cost beryllium copper parts with optimal wear and galling properties as well as excellent load capacity and corrosion resistance. Maintenance is required less frequently, and is less expensive to perform as a result.

Beryllium is more common than tin or uranium in the earth’s crust but the production levels are tiny at about 600 tons per year.

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