iPad Mini, iPad 3.5, $99 Nexus Tablet and 10 Inch Samsung Google Nexus Tablet

1. 9to5mac – Apple’s entry price for its upcoming smaller iPad is between the base model of the new, fifth-generation iPod touch ($299) and the currently shipping WiFi-only 16GB iPad 2 ($399). According to our sources, the base model of the smaller iPad will likely be priced at a minimum of $329 in the United States.

Numerous reports have pinpointed that this new iPad variant will feature a 7.85-inch display, the new Lightning connector, front and rear cameras, and an ultra-thin and light design.

We, and others, have also heard that Apple is currently planning on making the smaller iPad available on Friday, November 2nd.

2. Digitimes – Google is currently working with Taiwan-based Quanta Computer to produce a $99 Nexus tablet boasting a single-core processor that will launch by the end of this year. Asus was the partner for the Google Nexus 7. The cheaper tablet is, at least right now, separate from the Nexus 7 lineup.

The US$99 Nexus tablet is equipped with an ARM-architecture single-core processor 8950 developed by China-based WonderMedia Technologies, and a HUVA TN panel made by Taiwan-based HannStar Display

CNET – Google’s Nexus 7, which launched earlier this year, is currently only available in 8GB and 16GB versions. The 8GB option retails for $199, while the 16GB option sells for $249.

There is also a 32GB Nexus 7 being sold for $248.

3. Wired speculates on what will be needed for a successful Samsung Google Nexus 10.

Starting at $300 would be a good move for a 10-inch Nexus, but to keep things competitive against Amazon and Apple, it’d be nice to see Google and Samsung offer a 10-inch Nexus that tops out at about $450, with lots of storage (64GB would do) and LTE connectivity. Google and Samsung are positioned to pull this off, given that Samsung makes many of the components found inside of tablets — displays, processors, storage memory and RAM, among other key parts.

The major feature — well, only feature — that CNET has reported about Samsung’s Nexus tablet came from NPD Display Search analyst Richard Shim, who said the next Nexus slate will feature a 10.1-inch touchscreen with a 2560 x 1600 resolution. On paper, that display would be an iPad beater — the latest iPad features a 9.7-inch Retina Display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.

The standard for Android tablets nowadays is to include a quad-core processor, such as the Nvidia Tegra 3 processor found in the Asus-built Nexus 7 and the 10-inch Asus Transformer Pad Infinity. Both of those Asus-built tablets have gobs of speed and power and both devices feature 1GB of RAM. With an eye toward future proofing, we’d like to see 2GB in a 10-inch Nexus tablet.

Most importantly, Google and Samsung have to nail the user experience on a 10-inch tablet. Android tablets have always lacked the functionality and fun of Apple’s iPad. That’s due in part to a lack of tablet-tailored apps. Google is working to change that, prodding developers to step up their efforts on building apps specifically designed for tablets. But we also need to see a new take on the user interface of bigger-screened Android.

4. 9to5mac – It is rumored that Apple will announce a refreshed version of its full-sized, 9.7-inch Retina display iPad at its media event October 23rd.

The new iPad should gain the smaller Lightning connector from the iPhone 5, fifth-generation iPod touch, and seventh-generation iPod nano. Also likely in the mix for this tweaked iPad is global LTE support, just like in the iPhone 5, according to a recent report from The Guardian. Apple could also use this opportunity to upgrade other internals like the processor, screen, battery, etc. but we don’t yet have specifics on this.

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