Australian and Chinese Corsortium propose rebuilding Sydney with prefabricated skyscrapers and ports and no Australian taxpayer money

Australia’s government rejected a $100 billion Chinese project proposal to rebuild much of Sydney without any taxpayer money and will proceed with the $13 billion WestConnex project that will require significant taxpayer funding.

An Australian and Chinese consortium known as Aspire Sydney would have built the M4 East motorway in exchange for the rights to develop more than 150 hectares of state-owned land along the rail corridor from Central to Strathfield.

Rail lines would be rebuilt underground and the land filled with prefabricated high-rise apartments, commercial space and the M4 East. Construction materials would be moved to the site on overhead conveyor belts from a new port near Glebe.

Construction material would be shipped to a prefabricated port at Blackwattle Bay, near Glebe. To avoid bringing traffic to a standstill, it would be run to and from the building site on an overhead conveyor system along Wattle, Abercrombie and Cleveland streets.

The state government rejected the proposal in November but proponent Ross Cameron will not go quietly. He has called on state and federal politicians, and the people of Sydney, to give the plan a fighting chance. It should be fully evaluated, he says, adding that anything less would be ”a tragedy and a gross injustice”.

At least 150 high-rise towers prefabricated in China and hundreds of smaller buildings would be assembled along the corridor.

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