Google Engineers could be among the first for life extensions technologies in the next decade hints Google Director of Staffing

Here’s Google’s recruitment slogan from the future: “Come work at Google and live longer. It’s a Singular Experience!”

How can other companies compete?!

Google can make sure its engineers have a seat on the Singularity bus. It already has the driver of the idea in Ray Kurzweil, and the Singularity will require the world’s largest, most powerful computer system, which is exactly what Google is building.

Earlier this week, at a Commonwealth Club Inforum event on the topic of HR and what Silicon Valley companies such as Twitter, and Cisco Systems are doing to attract the best people, panel member Todd Carlisle, Director of Staffing at Google, had the last word, by teasing a possible future scenario.

He asked, what if a perk of working at a company was that it extended your life? He said that people would likely never leave, they would be incredibly loyal.

If you connect the dots that’s exactly where Google is headed.

Late last year it hired Ray Kurzweil (above) a vocal proponent of an idea called the Singularity, which predicts life extension technologies will eventually extend people’s lives indefinitely. This will start happening in earnest within this decade.

It’s an incredibly compelling scenario and software engineers would probably accept lower salaries for the chance to be among the first to benefit from the Singularity. It’s also a message that doesn’t need to be directly stated, but can be implied, as Todd Carlisle clearly did earlier this week.

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