Elon Musk says Telsa will have autonomous driving commercially ready by 2019 but about 2022 for regulators to approve

Elon Musk, chief executive officer of Tesla Motors Inc., discusses Tesla’s “auto-pilot” feature, autonomous driving, government regulations, and legal liability with Bloomberg’s Betty Liu.

“That will be the case at some point in the future. Like maybe five or six years from now I think we’ll be able to achieve true autonomous driving where you could literally get in the car, go to sleep and wake up at your destination,” Musk said. He added that it may take about three years beyond the point when the regulators will sign off on it.

Tesla will have everything redundant in their commercial autonomous driving cars. The standard for truly autonomous driving will be a lot higher than for human driving.

Musk said that a couple of years ago autonomous cars looked like they were a decade away, but the rate of improvement and progress toward the goal makes him more optimistic that it could be sooner.

With autopilot there are safety features but the responsibility for the driving remains with the driver.

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