Offshore ports and 384 Container Floating Loading Units for handling supercontainer ships

There is a new wave of 18,000 container superships. The size and other improvements allow 40% less oil to be used per container.

Venice has an offshore-onshore port project.

Cassette Loading Unit – containers for holding smaller containers

* New cargo unit loading up to 384 TEUs (containers);
* Highest TEUs handling process efficiency if combined with high speed cranes;
* If loaded on a Mama Vessel it can get to whatever kind of port, regardless of shallow water or other nautical restrictions, ensuring the highest flexibility without affecting the overall system performances;
* No lashing required;
* Cassettes have only to float, not to sail.

Cassette are put on Mama Ships that move them Onshore. Mama ships rink and rise for fast loading and unloading

Offshore port can handle the big ships that are about twice as big as the Titanic