Russia approves construction of 150 Megawatt MBIR fast reactor

Russia has given the financial and regulatory go ahead to build the multi-purpose fast neutron reactor (MBIR) The total, fully equipped cost is estimated to be $1 billion. Of that, the Russian budget has already provided $300 million. MBIR will use vibropacked mixed-oxide (VMOX) fuel, a Russian variant for MOX fuel production, in which blended (U, Pu) O2 and UO2 powders are loaded and compressed directly into the cladding tube. The VMOX for MBIR will have a plutonium content of 38%.

The design for the MBIR was finalized earlier in the year.

Picture from 2010 IAEA presentation on the MBIR reactor

Unlike today’s reactors, which slow down neutrons, the new reactor will allow them to run fast, producing much less waste and potentially breeding new fuel in the process. The MBIR is planned to have a capacity of about 150 megawatts, making it the most powerful research reactor in the world.

The project is expected to cost 16.4 billion rubles ($454 million).

There was a 15 page presentation at the IAEA in 2010 on this reactor design.

Proposed timetable in 2010

2014 MBIR construction project (design, working documentation)
2017 Licensing
2018 Construction and commissioning of startup complex
2020 Startup of whole complex
2068 Operation up to 2068
2075 Decommissioning