Hybrid electric motor bike that can go up to 40mph and other ebikes

Bolt Motorbikes has a hybrid electric bike that can reach 40mph and has up to 50 mile range on one charge. It uses iron phosphate batteries and costs about $5495.

28 mph electric bike for $599

There is a $599 electric bike called the Wave ebike that goes up to 28 mph and has a 52 mile single charge range

B52 Stealth Electric Bike

The B-52 stealth electric bike blends traditional pedal-power with 5.2kW of pure-electric thrust, all bolted to a motocross-inspired frame. With 250mm of rear wheel travel, paired-up with a 200mm front end, the B-52 drives through an advanced 9-speed sequential gearbox and stops with confidence, thanks to Magura hydraulic disc brakes.

Top Speed: 80km/h (49 mph)
Range: up to 80km (49 miles)

The Bomber utitilizes 72 volts 20ah of lifepo4 batteries. It has a $10,000 price.