Saietta trying to be the Tesla of Electric motor superbikes

NGS (Next Generation Saietta) is a new breed of motorbike spearheading a new electric era for bikers, delivering superbike performance, a highly distinctive iconic design and unmatched personalisation.

NGS boasts a number of technology firsts including a revolutionary new electric motor, an innovative lightweight, immensely strong structural monocoque, industry-leading battery capacity and range, 3D printing of the body and even a new, highly distinctive roar!

NGS will undergo rigorous engineering testing throughout 2016 including taking part in an extensive race programme. First customer bikes will be delivered before the end of 2017 as part of a limited edition of up to 100 bikes priced around £50,000 (excluding local taxes, about US$70,000).

Next Generation Saietta

They previously had the £15,000 (US$21000) Saietta R that could go 105 mph

They have a powerful range of lightweight electric motors

Saietta Engineering made the first electric plane to cross the English Channel (mid-2015)

Saietta motors powered race bikes of the winning Zongshen team in the European electric motorcycle championship MOTO-E in 2014.

Specs on the previous Saietta R

Performance: 0-60mph in 3 seconds

Top Speed: 105 mph

Driving Range: City: 120 miles (193 km), including reserve of 12 miles, (20 km) Highway: 58 miles (94 km) Combined: 74 miles (120 km)
Personalized Throttle Response:enables owner’s personal preference.

Operating Cost: 60 pence for 100 miles around town (Assuming 5 pence/kWh for Economy 7 electricity)

Motor: High Torque Electric motor
Type: Advanced Axial flux Permanent Magnet DC
Peak Motor Power: 96.5 hp, (72 kW)
Peak Motor Torque: 127 Nm , (93.7 foot pounds)
Final Drive: Direct Precision Roller Chain Drive
Transmission: High Efficiency “Drive-Torque Geometry-Control” ™

Battery Type: Advanced Agility Lithium-Ion optimized for electric Vehicles
Battery Pack Capacity: 9.64 kWh (nominal), 11.0 kWh (max)
Battery Life: 1,000 cycles to 80% capacity (100% DOD) 2000 hours, 80,000 miles.
On-Board Charger: 1.5kW (3kW with *Fast Charge Pack) high-power on-board digitally controlled charger and energy storage management system.

SOURCE- Saietta Motorcycles