SkyCity 202 story skyscraper forced to move because of wetland designation at current site

Authorities in the southern city of Changsha last month designated the area where the 202-story Sky City project site was to be located as a protected wetland area.

Broad Group, a manufacturer of air conditioners which has made a reputation for trying out eye-poppingly fast building techniques using prefabricated modules, previously said it would take seven months to build the 838-meter tall tower, excluding the laying of foundation. Broad, which is based in Changsha, initially said the building would be completed in January 2013 and then later revised the date to April 2014.

Asked if the project has now been permanently shelved, a company spokeswoman said the building would go ahead but suggested the location may change. “We will definitely build the tower. As for the timing and the project site, we will let you know when it’s confirmed at a later date,” said spokeswoman Zhu Linfang.

SOURCE- Wall Street Journal