Eric Schmit – Predictions For The Coming Decade

Eric talks about 7 big moonshots

1. Replacing beef with plants and synthetic food production

Cows have a lot of methane.
Synthetic food production

2. 3D printing and factory produced buildings.

It takes 18 months or longer to build a house. Better built buildings and make them 100% recyclable

3. Virtual reality and Augmented Reality is about to explode

First use is gaming. Narrative and new technology and inexpensive delivery of 3D

Will happen very soon

4. Smartphones are perfect for Medical monitoring

Computer vision is better than human vision.
Radiologists that use computers are better. Computers need to do the vision for any medical diagnostic.

5. Self driving cars will save lives (1.3 million people globally)

6. Everyone learns differently. Need computers to watch how students learn. Then predict the best learning model for students. Teacher augmentation tools show a lot of promise. Can do personalized education at scale.

7. We could speed up finding new materials with AI.