Practical flying air taxi using current tech and twice as safe as driving

SureFly is a personal helicopter/VTOL aircraft designed for safe and easy flight. With eight independent motors each driving a single carbon fiber propeller, a backup battery power system, and a ballistic parachute to safely land in the event of emergency, the SureFly provides unparalleled safety for a personal aircraft.

SureFly is changing the helicopter industry. Now is the time to discover the affordable, easy-to-pilot, safe answer to personal flight.

* Electric Driven Props: 2 props per arm, contra rotating. Eight motors, each driving a single propeller
* Piloted Vehicle designed to carry pilot and passenger or pilot and cargo
* Curb Weight: 1100lbs. Max Takeoff Weight: 1500lbs
* Gasoline Piston Engine drives dual generators to provide power to prop motors
* Dual Lithium Battery Packs: 7.5kWh each, used for emergency landing power (5 minutes) in the event the gasoline generator fails
* Full computer and electrical system redudancy
* Ballistic Parachute
* Fuselage and props are carbon fiber for durability and light weight
* 70 mph top speed
* One hour of flight time available per tank of gasoline

* they plan to sell for less than $200,000 each and eventually get the price to about $80,000
* it will require a 20 hour sport flying license
* they plan to prove to the FAA that it is twice as safe as driving

Surefly Markets

* Precision Agriculture
* Emergency Responders
* City Commuters
* Military
* And More

Workhorse Surefly is mainly targeting at displacing the helicopter. They want to the keep the cost at or below the cost of helicopters while only needing 20 hours of training versus 1500 hours.