Future NBA franchises in China probable

700 million people in China watched NBA programming on TV last season. The NBA now has 200 employees in China.

Point to Point rockets from Spacex will make it travel between Asia and America in under an hour but this will not be necessary for NBA expansion.

The NBA could just open a division in Asia. The Asian and American teams would mostly play each other and then go on a longer series of away games against other divisions.

There has also been talk of expansion of the NBA to Europe and Mexico City.

8 thoughts on “Future NBA franchises in China probable”

  1. What does SpaceX point to point rockets have to do with anything???
    First, that doesn’t exist at this time, second, take-off can’t happen in just any place, right now it’s cape canaveral, maybe Houston? Third, when it is implemented, it will be expensive, you’re not just going to pop on over for an afternoon on a whim, especially not a whole team and the managers, coaches, etc.

  2. I have to ask….well first…(can we please just revert to discuss with a mod? This comment system is awful..can’t see replies..anyone can steal your handle..and worst of all, no way to have a real discussion because its non-trivialy difficult to follow responses in the sorting methods.

    Now that that is out of the way… I have to ask..despite the popularity of basketball in China…you have to ask, given the lack of facilities, and average genetic make-up in China..if China would even field competitive male teams competing in the WMBA…much less the MBA. There aren’t that many 6 &1/2+ feet tall people that are also capable of being Athletes…even if you account for The population mismatch. It wouldn’t make for a very productive sport if the teams traveled back to the US only to get destroyed because there is a talent pool from every single school and 100+ years of strategy and talent to draw from.

  3. Can’t wait to see Tibetan players turn their backs on Chinese flag in protest. But it would only happen once, because after that there wouldn’t be any Tibetan players.

    • @anthropic, the Hollywood dressed some funny looking Gweilo as Chinese in their Fu Manchu TV shows and fictions, dressing some funny looking Gweilo as Tibetan players in the future expanded NBA games to piss off Chinese is as easy as making fake news to the Americans who have a mindset belong to the past, stalled in the old days of colonialism and constrained by the zero-sum cold war mentality.

  4. First, this commenting system sucks.

    Second, I cant wait to see the Net’s get blown up in a BFR trying to go and play a team in China. 🙂

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