China passing the USA by 2030 and India passing Japan in 2027

The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) forecasts that China’s economy will pass the USA in exchange rate terms by 2030.

The report by the Centre for Economics and Business Research in London sees India leapfrogging the U.K. and France next year to become the world’s fifth-biggest economy in dollar terms. It will advance to third place by 2027, moving ahead of Germany and Japan.

Also by 2032, South Korea and Indonesia will have entered the top 10, supplanting the Group of Seven nations of Italy and Canada.

Nextbigfuture is more optimistic about China’s economy

The exchange rate for the yuan is 6.55 to 1 US dollar.

Peter Rosenstreich, head of market strategy at Swissquote Bank SA, who says strong economic growth, higher local borrowing costs and a weaker greenbackHere is a projection of the GDP in nominal and purchasing power parity terms for China, India and the USA out to 2030.

On an exchange rate basis, China should pass the USA in the mid-2020s.

India should pass Japan on an exchange rate basis around 2027.

China is already 20% larger than the USA in purchasing power parity terms and should be double the US economy by 2030 and India could surpass the USA in purchasing power parity terms by 2030.

The Economist magazine has a projection for the top world economies for 2018.