Various Photos show prototype railgun on a Chinese military ship

Photos tweeted from Dafeng Cao and many other appears to show that China has mounted a railgun onto a landing ship.

Above – Type 072III landing ship tank (LST) Haiyang Shan, #936, would be the world’s first railgun-armed warship. Its small size and lack of combat features means that it will likely be used to test and validate the technologies of the railgun. Da Feng Cao

There is new turret installed on its bow, replacing the H/PJ76F 37mm anti-aircraft turret. There are also three shipping containers. The shipping containers would hold batteries and power systems for a railgun.

The US Navy had been considering installing a prototype railgun onto a navy ship but had delayed that demonstration. The US Navy and army have a land-based railgun that they were testing.

The entire railgun on the chinese naval ship measures roughly 65 feet from turret rear to barrel muzzle, with the barrel itself about 33 feet long, and 12-20 feet in diameter.

Its barrel length makes the Chinese railgun similar in size to the BAE 32 megajoule railgun built for U.S. Navy testing. The BAE system is designed to fire 22-pound projectiles at Mach 7 speeds to more than 100 miles.

US landbased railgun

The Chinese gun appears to match the size and shape of the US landbased railgun.

SOURCES -Twitter, Youtube, Popular Science