Venezuela’s leaders uncertain control of the Military and downward trend in oil production are the keys

Miami Herald and Marco Rubio are Anti-Maduro (leader of Venezuela).

Conditions are terrible for the people in Venezuela. Gangs are fighting with machetes over “quality garbage”.
There are shortages of running water and almost no medical supplies.

The US has signaled support for any military coup in Venezuela.
“The world would support the armed forces in #Venezuela if they decided to protect the people and restore democracy, removing the dictator,” Rubio wrote on his Twitter account.

The dissatisfaction within the Venezuelan military has reached the level of the lieutenant colonels.

The International Criminal Court has indicated that “although there is no open case against any Venezuelan right now, the prosecutor is evaluating the situation in Venezuela and the Philippines”.

The difference between North Korea and Venezuela is that the multigeneration North Korea leaders have had the military locked up for over 60 years. The conditions while terrible have been stable in how bad they are for 60 years.

Venezuela’s leaders are trying to establish sufficient control of its military and police forces. Venezuela is trying to establish this control while economic conditions get worse with dropping oil production (oil production has halved over the last 15 years and is dropping every year.) Venezuela is also dealing with crisis in food supply and health system.

North Korea also has more support from China as a buffer against South Korea and the USA.