Email and notification ads an alternative to banner ads without some of the downsides

Currently, the dominant internet advertising method is intrusive banners.

Apart from the user experience issues, this creates a growing problem of spam, fraud and bots infecting the banner ad networks and systems.

An upcoming blockchain startup, Kind Ads will show internet users more relevant and less intrusive ads through channels like email marketing and push notifications so readers will see more relevant ads. The company recently underwent a $20 million private funding and has big plans.

The idea is to create a decentralized online advertising platform that serves user-friendly ads without any middleman fees. This allows advertisers to save money on platform, while publishers also keep more of their revenues.

Benefits of KindAds

Less spam – By removing the ad network, publishers can now control what’s on their website.
Friendly user experience – By leveraging technologies like push notifications and email, advertisers no longer have to irritate users.
Get paid instantly – Publishers don’t have to wait months before they get paid now.
Kinds Ads lowers costs and maximizes the value for readers.

Details of the scoring system and ecosystem

Here is the 30-page white paper.

Kind Ads has a decentralized protocol on the Ethereum blockchain that improves how publishers and advertisers engage online.

A core component of the Kind Ads Protocol is a blockchain-based scoring system which is called the “Kind Ads Score”. This score ranks publishers and domain names based on how much they are trusted by their users. Advertisers can use this trusted domain score to identify and advertise on the highest quality publishers in their niche.

The Kind Ads Protocol enables publishers to market directly to their audience in a less intrusive fashion – using more natural communication channels like e-mail, push notifications and chat – eliminating the need for annoying and intrusive display ads. Additionally, applications built on top of the Kind Ads Protocol can provide users with a global opt-out list and enable users to be compensated if they do choose to receive marketing messages. Perhaps most importantly, the Kind Ads Protocol, together with its applications facilitates this functionality without the 30%+ fees charged by most advertising middlemen

Neil Patel advising and $20 million in funding
KindAds has a solid technical and business team and $20 million in funding.
Neil Patel is advising KindAds.

Neil is a recognized and well-known expert on internet advertising.

Video interview of Neil Patel in regards to KindAds

Kindads Timeline

Product Roadmap The current roadmap and target timeline is expected to be as follows:
● Q1-2018
○ Onboard initial launch partners
-a dozen launch partners including top global publishers placed Kind Ads ads on their site and advertising firms that will run ads
○ Push notification offering
○ Private Domain Score

● Q2-2018
○ Global Opt-Out List
○ Public Domain Score

● Q3-2018
○ Rewards Pool
■ Enable publishers and users to earn rewards for being good actors in the Kind Ads Ecosystem
○ Launch Solo Email Platform
■ Email is the most widely adopted method of building an audience for online publishers, and there already exists a robust ecosystem for communicating with subscribers via email. However, there is currently no go-to platform for advertisers and publishers to transact and exchange access to email subscribers. Kind Ads will enable advertisers to reach an audience via the email lists of vetted publisher partners
● Q4-2018
○ Launch Chatbot Platform
■ Launch application that enables advertisers to place ads within the chat bots of trusted publishers
○ Launch Publisher Staking System
■ Enable new publishers to be staked by existing users or advertisers to start with a preexisting Kind Ads Score
● Q1-2019
○ Launch App Partner Platform
■ Enable any app (technology) provider to launch their ad units on top of the Kind Ads Protocol
○ Launch Bounty Program
■ Add 2% to advertising rates and launch a bounty program to incentivize researchers to identify and disclose any compliance violations
● Q2-2019 and beyond
○ The long term vision of the Kind Ads Protocol is to provide a channel agnostic advertising ecosystem.