All Three Pieces of the SpaceX Starhopper

Austin Bernard has more photos of the construction progress of the SpaceX Starhopper. Here is a shot with the nosecone, middle section and the base.

Two of the pieces will be Lifted and then everything will be welded together.

13 thoughts on “All Three Pieces of the SpaceX Starhopper”

  1. I am worried that the bumpiness will affect aerodynamic performance and may cause issues with the re-entry. Maybe they have some way of smoothing it out.

  2. I’m sure it looked a lot better in the renders.
    And of course i can fly, not like hopping require the thing to be aerodynamic.
    Real question is given how it turned out aesthetically, will it still achieve their goal of suckering in investor money?

  3. Why spend more money than you have to? They’re smart enough to know what can be mocked up and what needs precision.

  4. exactly elon doesnt care who sees it because by the time they could copy him hes already another 5 iterations ahead

  5. If it had been a government project, it would have already cost $7 billion and no metal would have been cut. It’d be another six years before any progress would be made.

  6. That’s interesting Elon does this stuff in the wide open… if it were US government funded projecting the project they would have it in a top secret hanger with red lights flashing everywhere to warn of intruders…

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