Boring Company Offers to Dig 30 Mile Tunnel Through Mountains in Australia

Elon Musk offered New South Wales parliament member Jeremy Buckingham a tunnel underneath the Blue Mountains to link Sydney to the West.

Previously Elon Musk used twitter to offer Australia battery storage and that utility-scale storage was built. The biggest lithium-ion battery farm in the world was built in South Australia in 2017. This helped prevent blackout problems and Australian lawmakers and local cities from energy problems.

The Boring tunnel would be a competitive price of about $15 million per kilometer. The entire cost of a 50 kilometer (30 mile) long tunnel would be around $750 million. That’s a lot less than the up to $1 billion per mile figure the Boring Company estimates on its website that a tunnel would cost at conventional rates. The idea would be to help Sydney’s notorious traffic.

The Australian State premier will get presented with the offer.