Carnival of Space 601

The Carnival of Spadce 601 is up at Universe Today.

NASA is on track to launching the WFIRST space telescope around 2025. The telescope will be about the same size as the Hubble Telescope, but it will have a vastly better camera. The camera will be able to take 300-megapixel images.

The WFIRST should be able to detect up to 1 million exoplanets.

SOURCES- NASA, Arxiv, Universe Today, Youtube

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8 thoughts on “Carnival of Space 601”

  1. There is a lot more to a camera than just the pixel count I know.

    Just a bit surprised that the count is so low.

  2. Since Space-X launch cost is low we should build and launch cheaper space telescopes. A set of wide angle units to cover all of space. And as set to cover phenomena uncover by the wide angle units. I think we could launch 10 telescope for about $500 million to a billion each.

  3. I can’t believe nextbigfuture missed the article on China sending a rover to mars next year…

  4. Cool. But, the name really stinks. Wfirst?!? Who thought of that? Why don’t we just call it the “wft” telescope.

  5. 300 megapixel camera sounds a bit underwhelming. By the launch date the Apple iphone 13 will probably have that pixel count.

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