Taking Calendaring to the Next Level With AI, Rigorous Analysis and Design

Smart time management is the core of greater business productivity and a smart calendar can make the most improvement for the efficiency of global teams.

is calendar with enhanced AI and ML features that can categorize projects meetings, understand and track relationships between people and meetings

Tips for Calendar Management and Scheduling

John Rampton is the Founder and CEO of Calendar. His goal is to make people more productive which gives people the time to enjoy life. He recently listed 15 essential calendar management and scheduling skills.

Some of the critical points are :

Create a productive routine. Keep and manage your list of task.

Do not overbook your appointments and block out times on your calendar for your work as well as your appointments.

Use the tools and systems so that you are in control and productive. This means being able to say no to meetings and to canceling your attendance when it is not needed.

John has many more insights and taking control of your time and maximizing the time for your team and company.

Calendar Helps Enable Best Practice Team Communication and Delegation

Successfully managing a team also means you need to be clear and direct with communication. For example, proper delegation requires that you know how to communicate what you need. Effective delegation ensures that you are not overworked and that you are getting the most from your team.

Proper processes and system mean you do not constantly check up on people. Automated systems can make the process of seeing that deliverables are being met in a seamless way.

Taking Calendars to the Next Level

John Rampton was recently recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as being one of the top marketers in the World. He has gathered a team that is passionate about organization, punctuality, and balance.

The Calendar team interviewed over 500 different individuals about how they consume their calendar. The team asked them everything. They spent over 1000 hours figuring out what makes their calendar tick. They did this so that we could make the most innovative calendar app on the planet.

Through AI they make it possible for every person to make smarter decisions around their time. With the power of machine learning, your calendar will become smarter day by day.

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  1. Nice to see personal agenda agents continue to develop, but it’s hardly groundbreaking tech nowadays.

    Most people have settled with regular, dumb options like Outlook to manage their work appointments. Just because it’s well known and kind of an industry standard (almost everyone with a computer has used Office by now).

    Or with Google Calendar, that is well integrated with Google’s voice assistant.

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