D-Wave Quantum Annealing Computer Has Over 150 Customer Applications

D-Wave has been selling quantum annealing computers since 2010 and customers have built over 150 early applications on D-Wave computers.

They currently sell a 2000 qubit quantum annealer but should have a 5000-5600 qubit system available in about 15 months. The new system will have the new Pegasus architecture which will increase connections from 6 to 16. This reduces connections needed for graphs by about half.

Two dozen customer projects and early applications in transportation, online commerce, healthcare, automotive, and other industries were presented at a recent conference.

Selected talks at the conference include:

* A new AI and optimization cloud service for business solutions
* Building a hybrid algorithm that will be used as part of a smart mobility solution
* Inferring correlation between future stock returns and their features
* Applications of quantum annealing for blockchain and allocation of television commercials
* Quantum annealing–based optimizations of robotic movement in manufacturing
* Optimizing flight gate assignment
* Capacitated vehicle routing
* Quantum chemistry calculations
* Quantitative financial reverse stress testing

SOURCES- D-Wave Systems, Youtube
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

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