EXOLAUNCH Will Launch UAE Cubesat to Monitor CO2 and Methane

The UAE Space Agency and EXOLAUNCH announced that MeznSat will be launched into orbit by the end of this year in a joint agreement. MeznSat will operate using a shortwave infrared spectrometer to measure the abundance and distribution of methane and carbon dioxide in UAE’s atmosphere. A team of students will monitor, process, and analyze the data sent from the satellite at a ground station in YahSat Labs in Khalifa University. It was developed by students from the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) and Khalifa University.

EXOLAUNCH has a lot of cubesat experience. This project will develop cubesat competencies in a University setting. EXOLAUNCH’s educational background will lead the students through the whole process of a launch arrangement so they will be able to apply these skills in the future.

Speaking about the next steps of the MeznSat project, Eng. Abdulla Al Marar, Head of Space Projects in the UAE Space Agency, said: “During the upcoming months we will assemble the satellite and then conduct comprehensive tests in a simulated space environment to ensure that MeznSat will operate efficiently once it is in orbit above Earth. It is crucial that we test the satellite prior to its launch at the end of this year.”