F-35 Stealth Fighter Will Have 50% More Missiles

Lockheed has figured out how to increase the missiles carried by the F-35 stealth fighter from four to six. This was difficult because the missiles must be carried inside in order to maintain stealth. A rack adaptor allows them to add a second missile onto each of the outer stations of the internal weapons bays.

Boeing is trying to sell an improved version of the F-15 called the F-15X. The F-15X carries a lot of weapons.

SOURCE – Breaking Defense

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  1. You know. I heard the same chit coming out of the mouth of Baghdad Bob……guess what happened to him.

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    Trump is doing things that need to be done, sure … but he truly is a bad man and a pathological liar. Only the delusional can love him.

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    IOW: “Orange Man Bad”

    I’m sorry you have all of the depth of a writer for a teen fashion magazine insulting someone over that “so last year” dress, but those of us that care about the consequences of political decisions were referring to what Obama did in office. I mean, he’s was an Allah-send to the Muslim extremists who took over after Obama sided with the Arab Spring & gave Egypt & Libya over to them. Obama also sent arms to ISIS (Syrian resistance fighters as Obama called them) & refused to support the 2009 uprising in Iran. Russia was thankful to Obama for that generous arms treaty he signed after the 2012 election when he had more leeway (at least that’s what Obama said when he thought his microphone was turned off). But for Americans, Obama was, at best, a lackluster president. The economy lumbered along from 2009 to 2016 with no annual GDP growth higher than 3%. Obama just shrugged his shoulders and saying that GPD growth higher than 4% would never happen again. His economic advisors lowered the forecast max GDP growth to 3%.

    Trump, OTOH, has been bad for Muslim extremists. For starters, he stopped sending weapons to ISIS and started using them on ISIS. As a result, the caliphate has crumbled to dust. The economy is doing great. Trump didn’t need any magic wand. He just needed to roll back Obama’s socialist policies & reign in some of the bad trade deals like NAFTA.

  4. Not to mention any air assets that poke their noses out to far. It would be kind of funny to shoot down their old American fighter jets.

  5. The entire Iranian Navy would be at the bottom of the sea inside 24 hours with no losses to the U.S. Navy if the order was given. That’s not an embellishment by any stretch. No point in Iran even claiming to have naval assets.

  6. Interesting how you dodge the point about millions of minority Muslims being imprisoned for their religious beliefs.

  7. Who is the one that wears orange make up again? All he is missing is a honky red nose. He already wears a fright wig and a clown suit.

  8. Seriously, go actually read what happened militarily in Vietnam. You don’t have to approve of the US role in that war to accept that NV never ‘kept up’ with the US – they had massive external support. It was not a plucky little country holding off a big bully – it was a proxy war between external major powers.

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  10. I think Russia and China should support Maduro, Assad and Iran and Kim. Anything that sucks resources, money and attention from Russia and China can be nothing but good for the US.

  11. No. In the past US enjoyed big technological gap compared to its adversaries. There was also the big gap in living standards between US and rest of the world. So using hard and soft power was easy.

    Today most things manufactured in Asia, China etc and living standards in East Asia soon will better then in US.

    It’s much more level played field now.

    So, there would be no more easy “regime changing” for USA.

  12. “With his own AI powered police state and internment camps for Muslims”

    Are “internment camps for Muslims” bad thing or good thing?
    I rather believe it is a great achievement for mr. Xi

  13. Iraq fought Iran to a standstill for eight years. We rolled them up in days. Iran would be defanged in a couple of weeks at most. No need to occupy, just lay siege and choke it until a government to our liking assumes control of the remains. Iran can’t move a single barrel of oil without our approval.

  14. I stand corrected.

    Reading further, apparently the USSR considered the mathematics to have no practical value because they didn’t have the computing power to apply them to something like an aircraft.
    Turns out the USA did. Or at least they did within the next decade.

  15. “Dictators are not necessarily bad people “

    All downhill from here folks.

    “Mr. Xi has not been elected and he seems like an average nice guy”

    With his own AI powered police state and internment camps for Muslims.

  16. How long do you think Iran could keep Kharg Island alive in a conflict with the U.S? Seriously? Maybe a day? There goes Iran’s oil exports and any source of hard currency. How long until Iran’s Air Force is in smoldering ruins? A week? How long until Iran’s AA systems end up in pieces at the bottom of craters? That same week? And why does Iran even maintain those T-72s? Seriously… what on earth is the point?

  17. (Sigh…) It’s not a one vs the other. The F-15EX and the F-35 have complimentary characteristics, and not all solutions need stealth. Bringing a truckload of missiles to the fight for the F-35 and F-22 to both utilize to engage large numbers of adversaries is a smart thing. Using a cheaper cost 4th gen aircraft for lower intensity conflicts reserves the flying hours and capabilities of the 5th gen aircraft for the fights that need them, is also a smart thing.

  18. The mathematical model you state as “stolen”, was not. The article published that we did indeed apply to stealth aircraft, etc, was in the open press, USSR scientific literature. As I recall, it had to do w/the shape of an aircraft, or anything that deflected not reflected radar from&back to a radar source. The F-117 Night Hawk looks, odd. (The so-called “Stealth Fighter isn’t, its a light bomber) Our B-2 bomber more, airplane like. Our F-22&F-35 are super fighters, and stealthy. And super expensive. WE NEED fighters, etc. w/awesome capabilities. The last US Attack Sub designed during the Cold War “Seawolf” class is fantastic, but today we can afford (and I believe) have three in its class.

    The “post Cold War” sub is the Virginia class. Less expensive, more modular, rapid systems swap-out (more adaptable VERY quickly), faster build time,etc. Perhaps the USAF can call the USN and find out what makes the Virginia class subs both fantastic AND affordable.

  19. A 5 year-old could have come up with a stronger argument than yours.. Mr. Xi, Putin xuilo, Assad, Maduro, Kim as all other dictators in the world steal freedom from their own people. Some do it fast and violent and some soft and slow but at the end people become something similar to slaves. Such regimes need to be suffocated and upended everywhere.

  20. Not necessarily “bad people”? Xi seems like an “average nice guy”? Where to start… Reagan a war criminal? Reagan w/ Gorbachev eliminated an entire category of nuclear delivery systems from Europe. IRBM’s (intermediate range ballistic&cruise missiles). Launch time to target for IRBM’s (like the US Pershing 2, which could reach hypersonic speeds w/out leaving the atmosphere) and since we,them,and numerous others can w/satellites can detect a launch plume from a missile very quickly. There be have been numerous false alarms, and Thank God there was time to evaluate if such an attack “made sense”. The less time to access the “launch warning”, the greater the threat.

    Cruise missiles (in the 1980’s) were high-subsonic, would “hug” the terrain over land&buildings, and could even fly just above crowded city streets, to avoid detection by radar and other sensors. And fly into a specific window in a specific building. Now, Russia has announced re-deployment of IRBM’s, and we will likely follow suit. Lovely… And which mass murdering dictator would you claim are “not bad people”? Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, the Kim dynasty of North Korea, Japans Tojo, etc? Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, the clan/cult Kims killed more of “their own people”, then not. Hitler needs no quantifiable stats. We all have a right to our opinions, but please know what your talking about before you “just say”…

  21. “Well, what do you exect when a circus clown is president?”

    But Obama hasn’t been in office since 2017.

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  23. I would suggest “thinking” is exactly what any dictator hopes it’s population does the least of.

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  25. Yeah, I guess he’s just imprisoned a few million minority Muslims and wants to steal resources from and impose his will on neighboring countries. No big deal, right?

  26. If the USA smashes someone that proves they are evil. If they don’t smash someone that proves they are weak.

    It’s a simple theory, but that makes it easy to follow. You barely have to think at all…

  27. In fairness to this debate, IP theft and copying is the primary development model for the Chinese.

  28. The F-35 has nothing to do with ANY of those.

    The US could break iran easy…we would also end up killing millions if not in the bombings the problems after it would also spread chaos and disease as the country fell.

    BTW you realize that all of those things are something we are trying to use diplomacy on…So you are saying we should just kill everyone and leave the world with the mess and act like conquerors is that it luc-I mean Humbert

  29. You realize that China has copied that same stealth technology and Technics on their own copy of the F-35 (which they stole all the info on-good job government) and other projects right….RIGHT…no of course not.

  30. Sprey still thinks the F-16 is the best multi-role fighter ever built. He was probably once a brilliant engineer but he clearly drank his own koolaid.

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