Adam Savage Made Real Life Flying Iron Man Armor

Adam Savage has made bullet-proof Iron Man Armor using 3D printed titanium and a flying jet suit from Gravity.

It is more precisely a real-life Titanium Man (comic book enemy of Iron Man).

The US military (Special Ops) recently canceled an attempt to make real-life iron man exoskeleton armor with strength enhancement. They are looking to use components of the system to help boost the strength of joints and to increase light-weight armor protection for many soldiers.

The weapons if the military were to use this system would be conventional guns, rifles, flame throwers, grenades and other weapons.

This would make an actual flying armored soldier more like the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Falcon or War Machine.

Nextbigfuture interviewed Richard Browning of Gravity Jet Packs last year. They have made flying the Jet Suit far easier to fly. There is adjustment of the thrust so that as fuel is used and the flyer is getting lighter the thrust is reduced so the arms can be kept in the same position. They were selling suits for $440,000 each. There were two versions of the Jet Suit can fly for four minutes and another that can fly for nine minutes. They are developing winged Jet Suit which will be ten times more fuel-efficient and enable far higher speeds. They will also allow gliding and being able to safely move past danger zones in vertical flight for safer travel.

The Gravity winged Jet Suits will be more similar to the Yves Rossi jetpack rather than hang-glider fabric wings.

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  1. It appears the lift is confined to the forearms like doing pressups. Could most of the lift be transferred up to the shoulders possibly giving more stability and using the rest of the lift in the forearm for directional control?

  2. You are going to have to be a lot more detailed than that. So far we’ve narrowed it down to one of 17 different cultures over a 5000 year period.

  3. …waiting to see if “rderkis” follows through and posts his full name and email address to NBF…

  4. True. But many time innovations can occur when someone acts as force to draw together the separate pieces of a new idea.

  5. I’ve thought for some time that SpaceX’s “hoverslam” technology wold have great military applications. Precision control combined with a limited magazine of single use solid fuel rocket engines could bounce you over obstacles, or even replace parachutes.

  6. Actually, as someone who was a ground pounder I can see the possible military advantages of this system. The majority of combat casualties are from artillery, not bullets, so it doesn’t need to be a bulky metal suit capable of acting like a tank. A composite fabric like Kevlar/metal weave would be plenty strong enough, as long as it is the lightest weight. If it just stopped shrapnel and light rounds up to 7.62 without being heavy enough to wear out the soldier wearing it would be a huge advantage, especially in MOUT environments. It doesn’t have to fly, but the ability for bounces to the top of two story buildings or over low obstacles that soldiers struggle to get over now (think assaulting the D-Day beaches) would be huge. You wouldn’t want to be in the air too long anyway since it would make you a target.
    If it increased strength then the ability to add targeting systems, anti armor rockets like an AT4 or automatic systems that detect incoming fire or battlefield awareness rather like the F-35 would confer advantages too. If the power source died then the suit could always be removed and the soldier inside would still be as capable as they would have been without it, but the initial advantage would still be there. I personally think this should be explored.

  7. And, technically, only parts of it are bullet resistant. Large parts are just urethane props.

  8. Technically, he didn’t actually build the costume, either. He just asked somebody else to do it. But he DID get the idea of asking them to do it, and having the guy with the flying suit wear it.

  9. There was a type of armor one time, that if built with modern strong light weight materials, would be like the swiss army knife of armor.

  10. Whatever happened to the guy who was building Ironman armor so he could study grizzly bears up close and personal and give them hugs?

  11. Yeah…and don’t forget giving him some shrapnel in his blood stream and a car battery electromagnet to keep it from going into the heart..

  12. He could even have a string of flying fuel packs follow him along, and when he uses one, it’s empty container flies back to base with the fuel it requires, computer keeping track.

  13. Using SpaceX’s refueling technology, this Titanium Man could stay up there indefinitely. Just keep flying new fuel packs up to him. Less weight, less fuel used in transit. Or they could be dropped to him by parachute. He would pick them out of the clouds.

  14. In the meantime since bleeding edge military tech seems to get a pass on UL/CE/FCC/CSA ratings it might be possible to use a downright dangerous version of WiTricity to power your battlefield that could have the benefit of causing typical collateral damage to flee in advance as their hairs refuse to sit.

  15. Classifying this under “Military” is ridiculous. Adam Savage’s flying Iron Man suit wasn’t requested by any military. Nor has it been designed to meet specific military requirements or undergone a competition between manufacturers to build a new weapon system.
    It’s just a movie prop built by someone who’s really, really good at that.

  16. The next step is obvious. Kidnap Adam Savage, lock him in a cave filled with scrap military equipment and the only way out is if he invents fusion.

  17. I am picture an auto mechanic making an Ironman suit…. you get your v8 engine with nitrous fuel feed… connected to your ground air pump tuning at 200 miles an hour… then the air hose feeding the Ironman air hose umbilical cable to your iron man backpack for flying around in shop’s parking lot… it’s just like automechanic shop airtools compressor on steroids…an air hose so powerful it can propel a man into the air like a jet engine…

  18. I think the inside of iron suit needs non-flammable “form”” mold to human body with layer of cloth for comfort… like motorcycle helmet…. also they need to put in some radiator tubing for cooling you keep pumping water around the suit to regulate tempetature… from extreme heat to extreme code…. plus oxygen rebreather so you can leave earths atmosphere… 😉

  19. I have no doubt that Ironman suit is 100% possible… I think they should change jet engines to compressed air and change the four jet engines in hoses feed from main compressor tube…. jet engine driven titanium air compressor on ground feeding air tube to suit through umbilical…that would be a lot safer and look more like Ironman suit… after some time they could figure out new way to create high pressure air like high energy lasers or something more excoitic then jet engines..then cut air compressor teather to ground…

  20. Adam didn’t make the flying machine. Someone else did it. He just built the costume. Is this really that impressive? I think the flying bit is cool as H, but Adam just put lipstick on a pretty girl here. And, it’s not armor. If he really thinks it is, suit up and I’ll shoot at it with my AK or AR.

  21. You are great at making assumptions. You don’t seem particularly concerned that I will sue you for liable. And you are right not to be, yet you criticize my statements of facts. As if I should hide the facts while at the same time, you assert nothing was done wrong to me. As far as posting names, I feel everyone should be responsible for everything they do. By keeping silent you foster a atmosphere of anonymity and conspiracy.

  22. They have every right to refuse you. They need to weigh the potential profits against a future lawsuit by yourself and/or your next of kin should you kill yourself. You have also shown the bad attitude you have by posting the name of the salesperson, who is just passing on the company’s viewpoint. They certainly are nowhere close to having a sellable solution for mitigating the problems of mobility.

  23. My handicap or lack of it is no ones business by law.
    Unless of course I am trying to take advantage of that handicap to further my resources..

  24. I guess they are anti geriatric man.

    They probably have a very fine line they have to walk. They do not want to be accused of selling medical equipment…however…I am with you. 72 and healthy, is not handicapped. There are 100 year olds “running” marathons.

    Perhaps if you can get a clean bill of heath from your doc?

  25. Saw the show…it looked awesome! Can’t say how useful it would be…limited vision, mobility, etc, but he can now make a fortune at every Comic Con for the foreseeable future…

  26. Quote Article “The US military (Special Ops) recently canceled an attempt to make real-life iron man exoskeleton armor with strength enhancement.”

    I doubt there was a real attempt to conceal the fact they were trying since a great many companies and individuals are trying also.
    The only real thing holding that technology back is the current state of battery technology. Once battery technology reaches at least 10 fold what it is today, you will see the exosuit technology take off. (no pun intended)

    I am 72 and can’t walk well. I tried to buy one and had $25,000 to spend on it. I called the company representative and they wanted no part of the deal. They said it was not authorized to be sold to the handicapped. (FDA??)
    I did not say I was explicitly handicapped and even if I was they had no right refusing me. The exoskeleton was the MAX suit all three parts. The salesman was Mark Criscuolo <>
    In there email they said they occasionally do sell to individuals. JUST NOT ME I guess.

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