Bannersnack Automates Ad Creation and Analytics

Banner ads are the fuel that drives the Internet. Every website needs a way to pay for its hosting and development costs, a way to compensate the owner for his or her time and energy.

Most websites use banner ads to pay the bills.

Most website owners lack the coding skills to create ads from scratch: You have to fall back on the default Google ad editor or use graphics software. Animated ads are impossible unless you have an extensive coding background.

Enter Bannersnack – Static and animated responsive banner ads without any coding knowledge.

Creating Your Banner Ads

Bannersnack uses professionally designed templates that make it simple for anyone to design their own banner ads, even ones with fancy slide-in or fade-in transitions and animations.

You can take one of the many Bannersnack ad templates and personalize it in a few minutes.

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Use your own fonts, images, and CTAs, rearrange ad elements using the drag & drop interface, and set up transitions and animations for eye-catching animated banner ads.
You have the option of using the default transitions in your animated ads, or of setting your own transitions using sliders that are simple to understand.

Of course, you can start from scratch without a template if you prefer, but template personalization will be much faster for most users than starting with an empty box on the screen.

Banner Ad Sets

If you need one banner ad, you will almost certainly need multiple sizes to use in various
positions on your web content and on your social channels. The recognition effect that comes
from using variations of the same banner ad everywhere helps potential customers to recognize
your branding everywhere they see it.

If you use Bannersnack, you can turn one design into a whole set of 30 or more ads in a few
seconds using the company’s

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Check out this Youtube demo of the Resize feature. You can stipulate any standard size web banner ad, Facebook header or even your own custom sizes. All you need to do is to set three templates; one square, one horizontal and one vertical. You can tweak the layers in your base templates, but this is not usually necessary. These three templates will be used to generate the complete range of sizes you need.

All Bannersnack ads are responsive so they work well on phones and tablets as well as laptops
and smart TVs.

You can download your code in multiple formats, including AMP HTML if you have a Pro or Plus
subscription. AMP HTML will mean your ads load faster, especially on mobile devices, and
Google will possibly rank your site higher in search results because of its shorter load time.

Once you see how quickly you can generate complete sets of ads, you will want to design more
ad sets for your other products because doing so no longer requires you to invest a week of your life to generate ten banner ads in different formats.

A/B Testing Your Ads

You will want to run A/B split tests to see which ads are most effective in your niche. Your
Bannersnack subscription includes that.

Test static vs animated ads. Test different CTA placements and wording. Test different
transitions and animations. Constant split testing is the best way to maximize your ROI on your advertising spending.

Banner Analytics

You get banner analytics included in premium Bannersnack subscriptions. These include heatmaps and CTRs to help you perfect your banners.

Bannersnack Plans

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The Bannersnack plans shown above are for individuals, Different plans are available to agencies.

You need the Pro or Plus plans to access banner sets and the Magic Resize features. Only these higher-priced plans include the analytics and split testing you will need if you are serious about making money from your website investment.

In Short

You have two possible ways to design your banner ads:
* One at a time using graphics software that takes you an hour for each one
* Multiple ads simultaneously using Bannersnack in ten minutes per set

An individual Pro Bannersnack subscription is only $18 per month (paid annually). It should save you many hours every week, and allow you to do most of your banners ads without employing a professional designer.