D-Wave Speeds Up Quantum Computers Over 25 Times With Low-Noise Materials

D-Wave has made quantum annealing computing chips using different materials which reduced noise and increase speed by 25 times. The reduced noise improved performance with more than a 25x speed up in solving spin glass problems.

They are continuing efforts to reduce noise in D-Wave QPUs. The experimental fabrication stacks examined in this study are but an intermediate step in an ongoing effort to improve D-Wave’s technology. They anticipate that additional and more substantial modifications currently being driven by detailed materials science investigations will imminently be qualified for full-scale manufacturing.

In May, D-Wave Systems announced a revised version of the 2000Q quantum annealer that aims to reduce noise. The revised D-Wave 2000Q is available immediately in the D-Wave Leap quantum cloud service, though it is not available for on-premises deployment—the manufacturing refinement that enabled this will be used for the company’s next-generation platform.

SOURCES- D-Wave Systems
Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

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  2. Is this “25x speed up” independent of the input problem?
    This blog post suggests so, but it sounds a bit implausible to me. Any quantum physicist/ computer scientist here who cares to elaborate?

    From the D-wave article:
    “Performance was characterized using a set of 100 spin glass instances that were defined on a graph given by the intersection of the working physical qubits on each QPU and a perfect 8×8×8 cubic lattic”

    This sounds a lot more specific.

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