Facebook Sold Your Private Data To Advertisers So Now More Evil Via GlobalCoin

Facebook has been selling four types of information about users to advertisers. They sell demographics, location, interests and behaviors.

Facebook leverages all of your personal information via your likes, groups, friends and via spying on your other smartphone apps.

The Winklevoss brothers were involved in the early days of Facebook and later had a large role with bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have had discussions with the Winkelvoss brothers about the planned Globalcoin that Facebook wants to use to create a global cryptocurrency.

Facebook wants to use Globalcoin to gain advantages of a bank and the benefits of controlling a global currency but with the least regulation.

Facebook has the money to buy off many government officials around the world.

They will be targeting developing countries. Normally one would think that getting the unbanked in developed countries into a financial system would be a good thing. However, Facebook’s track record suggests that this will be abused in every way possible.