NASA Posts Prices for Space With Separate Pricing for Toilet and Food

NASA has published prices for commercial visitors to the International Space station.

There is separate pricing for the life support and toilet and another price for the food and other supplies.

I don’t think the situation would ever end up like the Space Seed episode of the old Star Trek series where Kahn cutoff life support to the bridge crew.


14 thoughts on “NASA Posts Prices for Space With Separate Pricing for Toilet and Food”

  1. You know very well what I am talking about… And you are not going to solve your problems by silencing anyone!

  2. They need a roller coaster and swimming pool in zero g’s…if they expect you to stay there for a month…

  3. How cool it must be to breathe (no trees) artificial oxygen; kinda like, how is intelligence artificial? How will I ever know real intelligence if it’s artificial intelligence? Why does confusion have to exist, which is why we need an introductory course on order & chaos. (We need cosmic advisors.) From Quarks to Quantum Gravity
    International School of Subnuclear Physics
    I think we should contrast these ideas about space within space:

    John M Smart – A.I., “Inner Space,” and Accelerating Change

    “Truth” Drugs in Interrogation — Central Intelligence Agency

    What is the SU(3) quark model? (Intermediate) – Curious

  4. I love it. ISS may actually get some cost mitigation. Now just start attaching additional modules to her, maybe some Bigelow inflatables[who has contracted to fly up to 16 people up to the ISS on F9 launches] and see her take off.
    Private individuals, nations, companies and universities will probably pay for space on the ISS.

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