Neuralink and Elon Musk Have 10,000 Electrode-Thread Brain Computer Interface

Neuralink is recruiting people to work on its brain-machine interface system. It is a less invasive system with about 10,000 electrodes in a neural-lace. Each chip has 1,000 electrode connections and they think can use up to about ten chips together in the version one system.

Later versions will scale up more. 10,000 probes that are 5 microns thick. This is less than the 100-micron thick human hair. The threads are have had designs down to 350 nanometers.

This is 1000 times the number of probes and electrodes for the best current FDA approved system and the Neuralink system is read and write to the brain.

They are currently working on trials and tests with monkeys.

Micro-fabrication can get to the size of an electron beam. They have created over 20 designs and are increasing the number of threads and electrodes. They reduce the size and increase the threads.

They want to use this system to help treat brain diseases and create a high bandwidth system for humans to achieve symbiosis with super-AI. This will create the option of merging with AI.

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