Tesla China Factory Will Generate Many Billions in Revenue in 2020

A video shows some of the interior of the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory and there is another video indicated the potential financial impact of the factory in 2020.

Optimistic Projections of Tesla Revenue and Income from the China Factory

6 thoughts on “Tesla China Factory Will Generate Many Billions in Revenue in 2020”

  1. CNG is ok but hydrogen very hard to store safely. plus, though NG has good energy density compared to batteries (for now), its combustion byproducts put us back to the C02 and N0X issues we had before. plus it isn’t renewable without a huge (electrical) energy investment. so it all comes back to electricity, you see?

  2. Tesla has just got its first shock. China has decided to switch from EV to more efficient renewal energy – hydrogen/ CNG recently, with a Giga CNG industrial park built. This will eliminate the expensive battery, disposal & long charging time problems. If this goes well under CCP driven policy, Tesla EV will go big bang.

  3. Tesla stock is in the process of stabilizing, they’re making their sales and will soon make even more.

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