SpaceX Starhopper 200 Meter Flight Monday

The SpaceX will have its second flight on Monday, August 26, 2019. This should be a 200-meter flight while the first flight was about 20 meters.

10 thoughts on “SpaceX Starhopper 200 Meter Flight Monday”

  1. He went cheap and fast on the outer structure because it is only meant to test the engines and control systems at low altitudes for calibrating landing protocols. The 3 orbital versions likely have a much thicker, higher grade stainless steel hull. This thing is a flying trash can.

  2. Curious about a little detail. I was google mapping Boca Chica (where the heck is that?) and noticed a little housing tract next to the SpaceX launch tracking facility, on Weems Street. Zooming in, I noticed that most of the houses were boarded up (2011…). I was wondering if SpaceX bought all the houses up when they signed up for the Boca Chica site, and are perhaps now using them for staff billets.

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