Independent Confirmation of Mizuno Cold Fusion Result Could Conclusively Prove the Reality of Excess Heat

The 20th cold fusion created by Japanese researcher Mizuno has produced results which seem clearly beyond error levels.

There is eleven degrees of celsius of excess heat. The unit is taking 50 watts in and producing 300 watts.

There are independent replication efforts. Zhang is showing some excess power which is currently at about the 9-watt level. Zhang has a better Seeback calorimeter. They hope replications are in the 9-20 watt excess level where Mizuno was at last year.

Once there are a few independent replication efforts at levels that are clearly beyond error rates, then this could finally conclusive prove the reality of excess heat.

The Mizuno palladium mesh is being sent for detailed material analysis.

Jed Rothwell is collaborating and sharing the recipe. However, they do not know all aspects of why things are working. There was a lot of trial and error. Cold Fusion is like exploration of cooking a souffle.

SOURCES- ICCF22 – Increased Excess Heat from Palladium Deposited on Nickel – J. Rothwell & T. Mizuno
Written By Brian Wang,

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