Tesla Battery Day Will Describe Path to 2 Terawatt Hours Per Year in Batteries

Tesla battery drive train day is tentatively planned for April, 2020. Tesla would describe the challenges reach 2000 gigawatt-hours of batteries every year.

If that level of batteries was only for making 100 KWH cars then it would be 20 million cars per year. This would more likely be 10 million cars, one hundred thousand semi-trucks and storage products.

Elon said that Tesla is still a few months from being feature complete with self-driving. Feature complete self-driving means that you have a good chance of the human driver not being required to intervene from driving from one location to another across local streets, intersections and highways. There would need to be further improvements for the self-driving to get regulatory approval.

Autonomy will enable high volume and high margin business.

The Fremont, Berlin and Shanghai gigafactories will enable local production of model 3 and model Y.

The Plaid powertrain will come out later this year. Elon describes it as like-alien technology.

6 thoughts on “Tesla Battery Day Will Describe Path to 2 Terawatt Hours Per Year in Batteries”

  1. Even in death, Sergio Marchionne will be proven correct in his prediction of the future of the automotive industry. For anyone to surivie, there will be massive mergers, leaving perhaps five companies total on the planet.

  2. Yes, but I suspect that this round is going to be far worse. The market is shifting right underneath them.

  3. 10 million cars is twice what Ford makes annually.
    if this actually happens, major auto companies will get buried

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